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Quick Overview

Simultaneous H.264 or MPEG-4 and JPEG

EX Zoom Function

Well-Designed for Outdoor Installation

Preset Sequence

Analog Video Output

2x2 Pixel Binning

Easy PoE Power Supply

SD/SDHC Memory Card Recording

Product Description

Mega-Pixel & H.264/MPEG-4, Motion JPEG Moving Image Function :

An advanced 1.3million Pixels Image Sensor being employed, BB-HCM715 enables you to check the details of any moving image more clearly than before. BB-HCM715 corresponds well to JPEG System, MPEG-4 System (which has a high image compression rate and so is suitable for monitoring any moving image) and H.264 System which is higher in image compression rate than MPEG-4 System. Through BB-HCM715, you can monitor any moving image properly in accordance with your purposes. Plus, simultaneous use of two different kinds of communication systems (*1-1) is possible with BB-HCM715. Its image-updating speed is 30 pcs/sec at max in case of [640 x 480 dots] of H.264. Therefore, you can catch any moving target through very smooth and high-definition image monitoring by BB-HCM715.

H.264/MPEG-4 Visual License :

When you use more than one(1) PCs to see any moving image by H.264, you are requested to buy User License Accessory (Item No. BB-HCA8) additionally.

EX Zoom Function :

Its EX Zoom Function enables you to zoom in any moving image clearly without deteriorating its image quality. This high image-quality zooming is available when you take out the target part from a moving image of [1280 x 960 dots] and put it onto an enlarged image of [640 x 480 dots].

Well-Designed for Outdoor Installation :

BB-HCM735 doesn't require any housing for outdoor use. BB-HCM735 is well-designed for outdoor use as well as installation on any outside places such as outer wall of a house or shop and other structures.
With this unusual feature, BB-HCM735 can be installed on various places outside and used in much more ways than previous types.

Preset Sequence :

If you preset the angle/direction of the camera of BB-HCM715 beforehand, you can check a moving image of the same place from its preset angle easily by clicking Preset Button on Operation Panel. You are recommended to preset the angle/direction of this camera when you need to check a moving image of the same place from the same direction so often. If you use this function, the camera regularly monitors the same place from pre-set angle/direction.

Analog Video Output*1 :

By connecting a cable directly to the camera's video output terminal, you can use your existing TV or video recorder for monitoring. When using analog video output, the camera automatically switches to interlace scanning*2 to suppress flicker in motion images.

2x2 Pixel Binning :

Through this function, 4 different sensor pixels are virtually processed as single pixel to improve the camera's sensitivity so that you can check any moving image of a dark place.

Easy PoE Power Supply* :

Power is supplied through the Ethernet cable, so the network camera can be easily installed on the ceiling, since no additional work is required for a power outlet.(Power can also be supplied by an optional AC adaptor.)

SD/SDHC Memory Card* Recording :

A large number of images can be saved onto an SD/SDHC Memory Card inserted into the camera. The images on the card can be checked over the Internet, or if no network is being used, monitoring is possible using only the camera by simply storing the images onto the card.

Remote Pan and Tilt Control :

You can use a PC or cell phone directly to change the direction that the camera is facing while monitoring the image. This lets you monitor a large area with a single camera.

Multi-camera Capability*1 :

Images from several cameras can be monitored and transceiver-type voice communication*2 can be used simultaneously.

Cell Phone Monitoring* :

Still images from the camera can be checked on any cell phone that is capable of Internet access. The pan, tilt, and zoom functions can also be operated by using the cell phone.

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